Check a number TPS status on our free automated service. Call now on 0844 884 3006 to check your number!

Check a number TPS status on our free automated service. Call now on 0844 884 3006 to check your number!

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Advanced Mobile Data Cleaning

The UK's most advanced mobile number cleaning and validation service.

Our data clean and network check function provides a fast and efficient method to validate which mobile numbers are live, the network they are on and if the phone has been switched on in the last 36 hours! We also identify numbers that are not valid or that are connected to a data device. Many UK call centres save thousands of pounds by removing dead mobile numbers from their lists and not wasting call charges on phoning mobile numbers that just keep routing to answer phones. Talk to our sales team to see how easy it is to increase your efficiency by up to 70%! To enquire about our mobile data cleaning service call or visit for more information.


‘Telco grade’ in-bound call manager reporting tool suitable for small business call centres.

SwitchboardFREE is the UK's first freely given inbound call manager. Its purpose is to ensure that its users "Never Miss A Call Again!" SwitchboardFree is a fully customisable call management system that offers: call stacking (up to 300 lines on hold at network level), on hold music, missed call alerts and voice mail to email. You could also benefit from a location rollover, effectively distributing in-bound calls across 5 locations, with the ability to whisper the identity of which number is calling! A full call Management statistics package is also included. Click here for your FREE 084 numbers and online switchboard

UK Marketing Data

Specialists in selling quality data ready for marketing in the UK

Specialising in the supply of datasets that include mobile telephone numbers. Where most data supply companies originate from a sales and marketing perspective, Liquid11 originate from a technical background and are considered experts in the field of telephony. Our technical focus enables us to provide quality data sets that are highly accurate and reliable. Traditionally, business to consumer call centres reach customers via their home number. Many call centres, including those run by large utilities companies, now prefer to call their prospects and customers via their mobile phones. This can increase their conversation rate by up to 300%.


Postcode and address verification

We can screen your existing data sets to ensure the given postal code matches the address you have on file. This cost effective service helps to validate your existing data set and ensures the information you have is correct.

Contact us right now for pricing or to have your data screened. E-mail: or call us on